Often on this journey, I have found that, when the Universe wants to tell you something, she does so in the simplest, most subtle, of ways.  She'll gently hang a delicate angel cloud over a neighborhood that needs healing.  She'll circle a crow overhead when the mystics are calling you.  Or she'll use the simple transition from Warrior I to Warrior II to open your heart consciousness.  In those moments, she wants to see if you're paying attention.  It’s a reminder to be quietly ever-alert, senses gently receiving, on this wondrous journey we call life.

And then.  Then there are moments when Mama Universe likes to be a bit dramatic.  To remind you that there ain't a drag queen alive who can match her flamboyance.  Or a drug you can take that trumps her "holy sh&t, this is friggin awesome" magic.    I had one of those moments a few weeks ago.  It was with a client.  A stuck client.  The nature of the "stuckness" doesn't matter (feel free to insert your own sticky stuff here).  What did matter was that the client was stuck in a vicious circle. 

She'd come see me, full of self-doubt, weighted down by heavy shadows and decades of societal conditioning.   We'd clear her, recharge her, fluff up her field and then she'd re-enter her world. Unstuck. To create.  Fabulous, wondrous things.

Until she’d get stuck. Again.   And come back.  Again.

By the time she and her stuckness reappeared on my stoop a few weeks ago, both of us had the drill down pretty good.  As always, I started the session by using Tom Kenyon's “Manna” to heal and nourish my client's system.  "Manna" to me is a bit like bathing in a wonderful spring.  First, you let the water brush the dirt off. Then, you just keep splashing the cleanness onto and from you. It’s a great reminder of the cleansing, healing, nurturing powers of feminine energy.  It’s a wonderful way to begin any session and it’s how I start every day.

Once “Manna” was finished, we began “Ascent” to run energy at a higher consciousness and move beyond a few of the veils of illusion we sometimes mistake for reality.  We travelled for a few minutes until I noticed a butterfly emerge from my client’s third chakra.  Then another from her second.  And another from the upper right corners of her auric field.  And another.  And another.

I raised my hands and stepped back, sensing that a door had been opened and my job now was simply to hold it open so that Mama Universe could step in.  Which she did, bringing with her first 100’s and then 1000’s of butterflies.

It got to the point where all I could see were butterflies, emerging, dancing and flying away from the form that, just a few minutes earlier, had been my client.  Lighting a path towards a freedom as they travelled. 

And then they were gone.  All of them.  I looked down and, for a split second, so was my client.  There was nothing but an empty space where her human form had been. 

Gradually, she began to re-emerge. Her body was completely relaxed. And radiant.  A peaceful smile illuminated her face.  A liberated smile.  A knowing smile. 

Knowing.  That a door had opened.  A door of transformation.  A door where Mama Universe had said, “ Won’t you please come in?”

And my client had said, “Yes!”


8/10/2012 10:07:59 am

Dear Will, as usual, love this story as well. You know, if there was to be a core symbol in transformation I do believe it is the butterfly. The simplicity of your story and the beauty of your client's healing is profound...blessings to you, imsara

Libbie Shufro
8/11/2012 01:47:42 am

Hey Will - I too, love your simple and profound stories. Your creativity is resplendent in the imagery and messages of your writing , it matters not, what is the headset of the reader,it just takes you to another place that one can choose to apply to your life, or not, in your own way. Much appreciated!


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