By July of 2006, I was ready to get down to business with this shaman thing.  Jill Leigh told me that the first order of business ought to be a good scrubbing of cords and contracts.   

"Huh and huh?" you say.    Hold on.  It's easy.  

Cords are energetic relationships we have with someone else.  They get their name because they show up like umbilical cords between people.  Some cords are conscious; most are not.  Some relate to this life; others do not.  When there is a deep, deep relationship between you and another being, it's called a contract, probably from past lives (Ever have an instant attraction to someone (or revulsion)?  That's a contract talking!).   Both cords and contracts stunt our growth by siphoning off energy to feed someone else. And who wants that?  I don't.  Ergo the scrubbing.

Now, I knew that, great trainer and healer she was, Jill wasn't about to do the scrubbing for me.  But I also knew I wasn't about to do it alone.  So I asked the Universe for assistance.  

And it sent me Claude. A motorcycle-riding spirit guide.  Who wore a red-plaid shirt, dark jeans, darker boots and gloves. And a black helmet (yes, safety-first, even in the spirit world!).  Claude was a cross between Dennis Hopper's character in Easy Rider and Santa Claus.  He never said a word to me, but he was exactly who I needed.  

Every day, for about six weeks, Claude would motor down from the 3rd  (or 4th) dimension, through my crown and park his bike in front of my 6th chakra.  I'd hop on the back and off we would go, down the winding roads that led to the mysterious forest of cords and contracts that surrounded my energetic field.  At first, the ride was easy.  The forest was dense in overgrowth of dead and dying cords and contracts that already had served their purpose to me...and to whomever held them.  We cleared them like you clear an overgrown yard (or block) down here in New Orleans.

Then, things got trickier.  Then we got to the clingy cords and thick contracts that weren't serving my highest purpose but were very much still serving a purpose to the being on the other end.  Like the cord my dead grandmother grasped to keep from going through the veil.  Or the contracts--the cabinets and cabinets full of contracts--that allowed energies from past lives to continue to manipulate me in this one.  

These cords and contracts were none too eager to leave my little energetic gravy train and so they hid whenever they heard the roar of Claude's motor approach.  But, here's the deal.  Claude was wiser than them.  He knew all the secret nooks, hidden crannies and dark corners where recalcitrant energy liked to hide.  He also was faster than them.

Claude would sense the hiding energy and we'd be off, the beam from his headlight searching up, down, all around.  And, pretty much every time, we'd find what we were looking for.

Claude's light would illuminate the cord or contract. I'd cut and clear, just like Jill taught me.   I say most of the time because the two fundamental truths about cords and contracts are this:  One, because they have been accumulating across lifetimes, you can't possibly cut or clear them all. Two, you can only cut or clear those that you're ready to cut or clear.  And that's not always as clear cut a case as you think.  You see, you may be ready to clear a contract with an ex-lover on the conscious level, but what about the subconscious level?   What shadow buttons does your ex push--and continue to push?  Until you figure that out--and accept it, love it--you're not ready to cut.  Even if you try.

All of this was ok with me because, in the summer of 2006, there was plenty I was ready to cut and clear.  About 3 U-Hauls worth (or was it 4?)!   And, by mid-August or so, I was feeling great...and scrubbed. I loved hanging around Claude.  And I was beginning to see the light shine through the forest.  

But light wasn't what Claude had in mind. Like I said, we had a job to do.  One was done, now it was time for number two.  Which was far less fun and far more dark.

I had to invade my own privacy.  And that trip was just about to begin.


6/15/2012 09:15:51 am

So in cutting these cords are we not acheiving a more pronounced separation as opposed to unity? How do we send love if we break the connection?

Brett Will Taylor
6/16/2012 12:40:56 am

Howdy Chakrahasa,
Of course, I can only respond based on what I've experienced (since that's the only part of our illusion any of us can "know"!), me the cords are the very things that separate us from what you call "unity" and I call "Source". That's because the cords aren't pure/clean energy. They are coming via/through other beings which means they come complete with all the karma, emotions, agendas, etc, etc we all carry with us. And who wants that? We can't break the connection. It is eternal. Always has been, always will be. Ditto love. It's always there. No need to "send", just experience. And share. By simply "be-ing"!! Thanks much for the comment! (And the awesome name!!)

6/15/2012 12:23:36 pm

so, Jill is also having me cut the cords, thanks for the input, i think i also need some assistance but i really like the yard-forest visual.
i have found that when i go to do cord work , it seems the ones i am
ready to deal with are the ones that light up.
i am interested to see how or if or what differences there are when i
am among family members that recently i cut cords with. i think
the union and love are always there, it's just taking my stuff and giving their stuff back, not holding for and stealing from eachother.

Brett Will Taylor
6/16/2012 12:45:27 am

Howdy Dear One,
Yup, the forest was an awesome metaphor for quite some time in this journey. It's always interesting encountering those with whom you've cut cords/cleared contracts soon after the action (at least those you know!!). I have found on more than one occasion that it makes the "other" uneasy, anxious. Sometimes they'll stalk me in my dreams, other times they report feeling "off". Since we can't possibly do anyone's work for them (I mean, we have our hands full with ourselves as is, right?!?! <grin>), I just hold compassionate space around them/us. Also, has Jill talked with you about "god of the heart"? It's really awesome and a beautiful, beautiful way to ease what some who are very close to you (e.g. a sibling, a lover) might sense right as the contract/cord is cut. Trust all's well. Much love and compassion your way!! :)

9/15/2012 10:49:12 am

oh my god I was looking up 'Claude" and put dimensions on google search and found your blog. This girl had been reading in to my past lives and came across this spirit who was Named claude attached to me in my spine , she said he looked like an eagel spirit with long talons at first but slowly would change in to different things one of the was a germen guy yelling but he had linked in my friend at that point i hadnt heard from him since except last night he keeps hooking in to my crown chakra and 3rd eye a bit and is linked in my heart, id like to know anything to get rid of him im new to my abilitys please contact me as soon as you can thanks...


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