I just love working with Mama Nature (I'm sorry, but I can't call her "Mother Nature"...it conjures up too many images of those campy 1970's Chiffon margarine commercials!).  Mama is compassionate. She is wise.  And she has an awesome sense of humor.  Every now and then, you get to experience all those qualities at once.  

Like this past Tuesday.

A client came to me still riding the high from a visit to Short Mountain, a Radical Faerie space in Tennessee.  When he sat down, Matthew was full of wonderful tales of his three-day adventure.  In particular, he wanted to visit a snake that someone had told him had been inserted into his field just below his right shoulder.  But he also wanted to talk about dancing a naraya, about reclaiming his power, about a most decidedly not-short mountain of things.

"Why don't we start by grounding you," I suggested.  

Matthew agreed, albeit with a little reluctance, and came into the room to lay down. Almost immediately, I began to see roots.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of roots coming out of every chakra, every layer of his auric field.    Winding this way and that they were reaching down into the center of Earth where they were met, collectively, by Mama Nature's glowing embrace. 

Now, this was all very interesting because, usually, you ground via a single chord at the base of your spine as well as through the soles of your feet.   This wasn't usual grounding.  This was grounding on steroids!   But, Mama had a beautiful smile on her face, so I smiled down to her and reminded myself how much we can limit ourselves if we let "usual" get in the way of "true".   Like I said, Mama's wise. 

I asked Matthew how he was doing.  "Not well," came the reply.  And he wasn't.  Doing well.  His jaw was clenched, his face tightened and his hands were in fists.  

"What are you feeling," I asked him.    "Like a tornado about to crash to the ground," came the reply.  

"Let yourself crash," I said.  

"OK," he barely whispered.

I then sat down and watched the most beautiful show for the next 30 minutes as Mama Universe sent up her maternal love, her eternal compassion, her grounded ecstasy through the roots that were coming out of Matthew.  Roots that had appeared to help him reconnect with his true roots.  The roots of earth, water, fire and air that every living being shares.    At one point, I even saw some past life figure jump up and dart away as a mass of roots became untangled with Mama's clean, grounded energy.  I don't know if the figure was running away or running free, but I do know that Matthew let out a laugh just as it happened. 

When it was all over and the roots began to fade, Mama Nature emerged and enveloped Matthew in a wonderful hug.  Ah, yes, Mama's compassion.  As she, too, faded, Matthew opened his eyes.  "What happened?"

"Tornado you crashed so that grounded you could rise," I said.  

Matthew and I then talked for a few minutes about how tornadoes have awesome energy, but it's energy that is completely unfocused.  Highly destructive.  Plus, it picks up the energy of who knows what as it bounces along.   It can be a great high, but it's hardly sustainable.   Grounded energy, on the other hand, connects you with the Source of all being.  But the source of the sharing is, well, Source, not your next-door neighbor, ex-lover, or the texting driver who cut you off on your way to work this morning.    

As Matthew sat in the chair, tying his shoes, I said "Before you leave, let's balance and adjust your chakras."   He sat back and I began with his first chakra, balancing it and then closing it to 35%.  Then on to his second chakra (25%) and his third (45%).  As I moved up to his fourth, Mama Nature showed back up and gently nudged me out of the way.  "I can take it from here," she said.

I fell back laughing.  

"You're all set, Matthew," I said.  "Mama's got you." 

As he walked out onto my stoop and down the street, I chuckled at Mama's humor.  Her compassion.  Her wisdom.  There are a lot of folks who run around saying they're healers.  They're not.  None of us are.  We are simply vessels.  Vessels through which Mama Nature, Popa Universe and others do their work.  Sometimes they need us.  Other times, they don't. 


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